BJ Habibie Open the International Conference on Islamic Education

Accelerating culture, religion, and understanding of science and knowledge is the key to improve productivity of human resources to face challenges in globalization and in the future. Because of this time, we cannot only rely on natural resources, but now is the time to rely on human resources. It was delivered by Prof. Dr. Ing.[…]

Syeikh Yousef Aldous Officially Became the Honorable Member of ITTISHAL

Board of Trustees of ITTISHAL awarded the Honorable Member title to Syeikh Yousef Aldous. The ceremony of the Honorable Member awarding was held in Multazam Hotel, Solo, Indonesia, on Thursday May 26th 2016, attended by ITTISHAL’s board and stakeholders. Syeikh Aldous, who is a lecturer in University Al Imam As Suud Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,[…]