Alrisalah Scandinavian Foundation ٍSweden signed MoU with ITTISHAL

In order to reinforce relationship and intensity of cooperation and synergy between Alrisalah Scandinavian Foundation Sweden and ITTISHAL, the last day after 10 days doing visitation in Indonesia actually in educational institutions and school founder of ITTISHAL, Education Foundation AlFirdaus and PPMI Assalaam, on Tuesday (17/1/201) Hussein Aldaoudi, the Executive Manager AlRisalah Scandinavian Foundation Sweden[…]

Board of ITTISHAL Visited Institut Prive Alif

In the Middle of April 2016 became one of the important moment for the founders of ITTISHAL. ITTISHAL leaders of Al Firdaus and Assalaam had an opportunity to visit the students, teachers, and staffs of Institut Prive Alif which is one of the founders of ITTISHAL. Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Hj. Siti Aminah[…]