Hj. Siti Aminah Abdullah, the Board of Trustees ITTISHAL Receive Award from AlRisalah Scandinavian Foundation, Sweden

As the appreciation and devotion given to the faithful, especially in the fields of education, dissemination knowledge throughout the world, Hj. Siti Aminah Abdullah as the Board of Trustees ITTISHAL receive award from Alrisalah Scandinavian Foundation presented by Scandinavian Foundation Excutive Manager AlRisalah, Hussein Aldauodi, located in Tiga Serangkai Company. Simbolizing the emblem embedded directly[…]

Visiting of Hussein Aldaoudi from AlRisalah Scandinavian Foundation Sweden to ITTISHAL

ITTISHAL get a special honor by Hussein Aldauodi presence from Al Risalah Scandinavian Foundation of Sweden (one of the region’s best Islamic educational institutions in Scandinavia Sweden) who visited Indonesia and specifically to ITTISHAL on Sunday (01/10/2017). During the visitation of Hussein Aldauodi for 10 days that was in order to discover and get to[…]