ITTISHAL as the alliance for Islamic schools around the world plans to establish some international activities, mainly in field of education targeting educators such as teachers, education staffs, and students.

One of ITTISHAL’s closest agenda is to hold the 1st International Conference on Islamic Education. This conference aimed to explore ideas and solutions to international Islamic education issues, such as: (1) quality improvement of Islamic education management, (2) teaching and learning (3) educational measurement and evaluation, (3) curriculum, (4) education research and development, (5) child protection on education, (6) the role of the family on Islamic education, (7) the realimplementation of Islam values in Islamic education, (8) quality improvement for teachers and (9) implementation of Islamic education in some countries around the world.

The conference’s goal is to gather the educators and organizers of Islamic education as well as all those who are committed to the improvement of Islamic education to join ITTISHAL. ITTISHAL aimed to cooperate in holding education comeptition activities, teacher and student exchange, and other activities that we can create together in the conference. In this year’s conference we are also working with Sebelas Maret University Surakarta Indonesia.

Our Program ITTISHAL :

1. Conference
- International Conference
- National Conference
- Seminar
- Workshop

2. Exchange - Students Exchange
- Teachers Exchange

3. Olympiads - Students Olympiads
- Teachers Olympiads

4. School Management - Norm and Management Procedures
- Teachers Certification
- Students Competences
- Management Certification

5. University Research

6. Scientific Development Project

7. Human Resources Development

The first project established by ITTISHAL is the 1 Education (ICIE) 2016. This conference will take place on October 10 – 12, 2016 in Surakarta (Solo), Central Java, Indonesia.

For more information and registration of the 1 st International Conference on Islamic Education (ICIE) 2016, visit the website: