Name : International Islamic Schools Alliance
Abbreviation : ITTISHAL
Meaning of Name : Silaturrahim / networking
Notarial Deed : Number 20 / February 12nd, 2016
Tax ID Number : 75.517.747.4-526.000
Legalized and Approved by : The General Director of Public Law Administration
The Minister of Law and Human Rights of Republic Indonesia
Number 0031170.AH.01.07, 2016
March 15th, 2016
Place of Declaration : Tiga Serangkai Mosque, Solo, Indonesia
Date of Declaration : October, 15th 2015
Head Office : Jl.Dr. Soepomo 6A Surakarta 57131 Jawa Tengah, Indonesia
Phone Number : Telp/Fax : +62 271 733494 (GMT +7)
Website : http://ittishal.net/
Email : communication@ittishal.net
Trend of building society and education in globalization era need an association (allience) for education (stakeholders) in openness, transcontinental, and mutualism alliance to realize the common objective.  
This alliance is inspired the above though and also based on Islamic religion and human universal values. It combines heritage and modernity, obedience to Islam, the unity commitment in community (ukhuwah Islamiyah-friendship), humanism, openness to the other religious community, transcontinental, mutual networking, and respect for the human rights through education and character building of Muslims in national as well as international region.

ITTISHAL is the organization that accommodates Islamic schools from various parts of the world that uphold human values universally in accordance with the Qur’an and Sunnah. ITTISHAL was founded by Al Firdaus Educational Foundation, Assalaam Modern Boarding School (Solo, Indonesia) and Institute Prive Alif (Toulouse, France), supported by Prof. DR. Ing. H. Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie, the 3rd President of Republic of Indonesia, in the Board of Trustees. This organization is committed to the unity of the community (ukhuwah Islamiyya), humanism, acceptance of others and respect for human rights of education, especially Islamic Education.

Globalizing Islamic education based on al Quran and Sunnah to realize the excellent Islamic generation.

1. To collect and spread knowledge and creation based on Islam.
2. To build the capacity of educators.
3. To increase the quality of international-standard education based on Islam.
4. To create the collective creativity for teacher and student.
5. To appraise on universal values accordance with Al Quran and Sunnah
6. To be the Center of Excellence in Islamic building education for each region to every institution that sheltering above ITTISHAL

Gathering on Islamic education institutions are around the world in collectivelly, progressive and develop together in building a network by lifting their respective strengths in order to improve the quality of education and life framed by the Al Quran and Sunnah.

Competetive Advantage 
Internalizing the values of Al Quran and Sunnah in science, technology, and art are developed in Islamic education institutions according to local wisdom of each region.

Developed Principles
1. Basing the establishment, management and organizational development based on the Qur'an and Sunnah.
2. The founder of IISN Alliance is Al Firdaus, Assalaam (Indonesia) and Alif (France). Furthermore, the membership is opened to  Islamic schools which have the same vision as the alliance.
3. Not affiliated to any particular party/group.
4. Focused on the increasing of education quality, especially Islamic education.
5. Islamic community becomes the key subject of this international cooperation.
6. The management of organization financial is rigorous and transparent.

1. National as well as International Conference
2. National and International Journal Publisher
3. Professional exchange inter institution and school
4. Students exchange inter institution and school
5. Education Cooperation Development with international organization
6. Education Institution Research for several science agreeding collectivelly
7. International Camp Organization to the teacher and the student

Organizational Structure