Hj. Siti Aminah Abdullah, the Board of Trustees ITTISHAL Receive Award from AlRisalah Scandinavian Foundation, Sweden

As the appreciation and devotion given to the faithful, especially in the fields of education, dissemination knowledge throughout the world, Hj. Siti Aminah Abdullah as the Board of Trustees ITTISHAL receive award from Alrisalah Scandinavian Foundation presented by Scandinavian Foundation Excutive Manager AlRisalah, Hussein Aldauodi, located in Tiga Serangkai Company. Simbolizing the emblem embedded directly by Hussein Aldauodi to Hj. Siti Aminah Abdullah for her dedication and contribution continuously promote and disseminate knowledge throughout the world.

This award is the fourth award that granted to the important and influential person in the world by AlRisalah Scnadinavian Foundation (that previously given to the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia and the Ambassador of Morocco for Denmark) to individual figure, an institution or agency which is committed to the advancement of education and science throughout the world. The award is in conjunction with the groundbreaking ceremony of the construction head office ITTISHAL located in the south Tiga Serangkai company area. By giving this award to Hj. Siti Aminah Abdullah, may Allah SWT blessing for the benefit to the advancement and prosperous people, especially in developing education and science to the world. Especially the great from ITTISHAL’s family say thank you profusely to all forms of attention and the commitment given by AlRisalah Scandinavian Foundation for education and science.

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