Groundbreaking Ceremony of Head Office ITTISHAL

To support activities and events of ITTISHAL, on Friday (01/13/2017) at 09.00 am carried out activities of groundbreaking of head office ITTISHAL that located in the south of Tiga Serangkai Company Surakarta. It activities became special, because that was the important guest visited ITTISHAL. The guest is Hussein Aldaoudi from AlRisalah Sweden Scandinavian Foundation and Deputy Mayor of Surakarta Dr. Purnomo Ahmad, Apt. It was attended also with ITTISHAL Board of Trustees, Commissioners, Directors and Chairman of Tiga Serangkai Company, Representative of the Government of Surakarta, the Member of ITTISHAL in Surakarta area, the Education Foundation Al Firdaus, PPMI Assalaam Surakarta, Prive Alif Institute of France, the print and electronic media journalists and also the invited guests.

First Speech delivered by the Board of Trustees ITTISHAL Hj. Siti Aminah Abdullah, she thanked for all the support and assistance of all those who contribute their ideas, energy and mind in pioneering the establishment ITTISHAL. He also thanked to all those who ensure the success of the 1st International Conference on Islamic Education which took place on 10 - 12 October 2016. Not to forget on this occasion, she also gave a thank you profusely for the support from the government of Surakarta that ICIE could be held in 2016.

On this occasion, the Deputy Mayor of Surakarta Dr. Ahmad H. Purnomo, Apt also gave a speech and foreword in front of the invited guests. He on behalf of the Surakarta municipal government expressed thanks and pride for the establishment ITTISHAL which is one of the International forums in the city Surakarta and also thank to them for the role and acknowledge ITTISHAL can help lift education in the city of Surakarta at International level.

At 10:50 the groundbreaking ceremony of Head Office ITTISHAL preceded the first time by Board of Trustees ITTISHAL Hj. Siti Aminah Abdullah, followed by the Deputy Mayor of Surakarta Dr. Ahmad H. Purnomo, Apt, next by H. Syamsu Hidayat as commissioner of TIGA SERANGKAI, next by H. Syarifudin Noor, SE as commissioner of TIGA SERANGKAI and the last by Hussein Aldaoudi. By reciting prayer to Allah SWT, hopefully the Head Office of ITTISHAL can be accomplished with the best and can be completed on target in 2017 so that it can support all the activities and events of ITTISHAL.

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