Visiting of Hussein Aldaoudi from AlRisalah Scandinavian Foundation Sweden to ITTISHAL

ITTISHAL get a special honor by Hussein Aldauodi presence from Al Risalah Scandinavian Foundation of Sweden (one of the region's best Islamic educational institutions in Scandinavia Sweden) who visited Indonesia and specifically to ITTISHAL on Sunday (01/10/2017). During the visitation of Hussein Aldauodi for 10 days that was in order to discover and get to know more closely and more specifically about ITTISHAL which are founded by educational institutions namely Al Firdaus and PPMI Assalaam.

The first event begun with an initial meeting to the Director of PPMI Assalaam by doing a dialogue Drs. H. Uripto Mahmud Yunus, M. Ed with his team. Subsequently followed by walking around and meet with students who were teaching and learning activities in class. In the next session held meetings with the principal and the leader of the cottage to seek information and to exchange management information of educational institutions and PPMI Assalaam AlRisalah Scandinavian Sweden. In the evening after prayer “ashar’, he gave “Taushiah” and motivation to all students PPMI Assalaam in mosques, he also became a priest at the same time in prayer “Dhuhur” and prayer “Ashar”.

The next visitation is to education institution Al Firdaus, which consist of Pre-school Education (TPP) Al Firdaus, Al Firdaus Primary School and Secondary School Al Firdaus. In welcoming his presence in TPP that was greeted by a parade percussion music that played by students of TPP Al-Firdaus and got applause from him. He also exchange information about education form of TPP Al-Firdaus.

Then he come to Secondary School (SM) of Al Firdaus. He invited to do harvest crops that are developed in this school. Not to forget, he also gives AMT (Achievement Motivation Training) for students of Secondary School Al Firdaus. Visits to educational institutions can provide information and exchange ideas on the management of existing educational institutions in Al Firdaus and Assalaam with educational institutions that run by Hussein Aldauodi under the banner of Al Risalah Scandinavian Foundation. Those information is expected to form the synergies and concrete cooperation with ITTISHAL.
In addition to visits the educational institution above ITTISHAL founder, Sheikh Hussein Aldauodi also visited to entire business unit of Tiga Serangkai Company which is the largest book publisher in Central Java, TSPM Company, Wangsa Jatra Lestari, Assalaam Niaga Utama.

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